Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It all started with a quote.

     In nearly every personal development book I've read or CD I've listened to, the stories detailing an individual's journey towards success often include a defining moment, one that created a shift, and the journey moved from that of casual interest and awareness to one of focused pursuit.
     At the time I was reading Why We Want You To Be Rich by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Earlier in the book, Trump had shared that while in college, his father regularly sent him meaningful quotes from different sources and credited those quotes with helping set the way for becoming the success he is today. I honestly can't remember the context of how he shared this particular quote, just that it caused me to stop short and really ponder:

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.    Vince Lombardi

     In that moment, I had no choice but to question my commitment to excellence and more so, to examine my quality of life. The truth? I was not being my excellent best, which at any given point in one's life will be different because the definition of being one's excellent best is based on what has been learned from one's life experiences to date. I couldn't ignore that I was not living my life with excellence and the quality of my life reflected that.
     The good stuff in this is recognizing that being excellent is what creates the excellent result. Being excellent is a choice. A choice we can make everyday, over and over. A choice we make for the kind of life we desire. A choice we make for our character. A choice we make for our values. A choice we make for those we know and those we will come to know. A choice we make for our future and theirs. Being excellent is a choice that can make all the difference in the pursuit of personal success.
     It's rather liberating, to be able to draw the direct correlation between excellence and quality of life. The stronger the commitment to excellence, the better the quality of life. And visa versa. The possibilities that open up simply because we are willing to ask ourselves "Is this the excellent choice?" are enormous! The act of asking, "Is this my excellent best?" is powerful.
     I challenged myself that day to ask those questions and I must admit, the excellent choice isn't always the easiest one and not always the one I am willing to make. But I believe that the impact of that quote changed the course for me and there are far more excellent choices being made now than not. I've heard that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Who would have thought that in a single quote I could be taught so much, the effects of which I haven't even begun to realize. And that's the best stuff of all.

Have an excellent week,


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dlwaybright said...

Hi Pam, After reading your entry, I thought long and hard about the rest of my day--and made sure it was EXCELLENT. I am so excited as I approach 50 this year--for what the REST of my excellent life holds for me. Thanks for making me look closely whether my career(I heard your message by the way) or my health (I have lost 15lbs. so far), or my family--I intend on doing the very best that I can. I will stay tuned, looking forward to more insights. DW